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Professional pet loss support for you and your family

Because losing a pet is such a traumatic experience, you need to rely on a clinic that you trust to honor your pet. The specialists at Barnesville Animal Clinic show they care and allow you to choose from a number of customized options, including cremation.

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Coping with the loss of a beloved animal companion is never easy

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult aspects of pet ownership. At Barnesville Animal Clinic, our experienced and caring staff will help you through this difficult time and discuss a number of options with you in order to honor your beloved furry friend.

Honor your pet with our unique, customized memorial plans

Since our pets are such a large part of our lives, they should be given the proper memorial once they are no longer with us. Honor your pet by selecting one of our high quality and trustworthy pet after-life care services, including pet cremation.

Because your pet is unique and special to you, we will also help customize just the right memorial plan for your dog or cat.



Please contact us for more information on pet cremation
and after-life care services.


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